by Suckers for Symmetry

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Just me and my guitar (& lots of overdrive)


released February 28, 2011



all rights reserved


Suckers for Symmetry San Diego, California

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Track Name: There's Something About You
I know you don't care what they say
But do you realize the power, the power of your play
The Bohemian clothing that you wear
Not for him, but either way, he'll stare

Unaware seductress, help him understand
Don't give him a reason to call you a tease
Beautiful temptress, please give him a hand
Don't be the one to keep him on his knees

This is a plea on behalf of men
Women too, and that ballpoint pen
All that we need is some clarity
Cover our eyes so we can see
Track Name: This Was Real
There's tigers all around
The lions have been found
They think they own the ground
But they've got nothing on us cool cats

Cuz we take drugs but stay away from weed
We have spit bowls for our peppercorn seeds
We might be crazy, but that's all right
Cuz I know that we won't fight
In the middle of the night

There are times when you speak out
Only to be ignored
And I feel like such an ass
Cuz I hear, but let your words hang
I know you say that it's okay
Sometimes crazy ain't worth the time of day

But there are times when I speak out
And deserve to be ignored
But you're so sweet you laugh it off
You make crazy O.K.
And that's when I realize
How much I appreciate 'cha

Come to me
Track Name: From That to This
Say what you will, cuz you will anyway
Just don't do it naked, lying next to me

Your flesh is a shield that coats what you say
And maybe that's mean, but so's what you did to me

Well I'm glad that you're real and fucked in the head
Cuz it makes me feel better, beside you in bed
But you had plenty of chances to tell me before
So please don't make me call you a dumb whore

I get it it's hard, but I know this is real
Just give it a chance, be my girl
It scares me how well you know how I feel
But that's why I want you to be my girl
Track Name: Impaired Bliss
I can't handle isolation
My life needs validation
Can you help me?

Tell me how you love my coat
How you find me so endearing
So I'll get nude

Then I can't blame you
And you can't blame me
It's the both of us
Who're in love with the stranger's kiss

Hollywood you lied to me
This ain't magic or ecstasy
This hazy lust that means nothing
The apathy is overwhelming me

But in that same cold night
There will be no fight
Despite this impaired bliss
All I ever wanted was this
Track Name: Made of Mold
We were born separately
And we will die separately
And we will live separately
Cuz that's the way things work

We were friends before all this
And I loved you before all this
But now we're done with all of this
Cuz that's the way things work

If he really makes you happy
I can say with all of my heart
I don't care

If I could forget just one thing
It would have to be that we ever kissed
Cuz honestly, it makes me weak

I need you to visit me
And I need you to talk to me
And I need you to want me
But that's not what you need

So I will never talk to you
And I will never speak of you
And I will never think of you
Cuz that's not what I need

If I didn't make you happy
I can say with all of my heart
I am done
Cuz honestly, you make me weak