My life hasn't been the same since I realized
That perfect is an unknown thing
Dropped from the rat-race
Happiness ain't easy but I sure don't regret a thing

Smoking on a swing-set watching the sunset
All the couple pass me by
Yellow, orange and red an elegant complexion
But with beauty what can you do?

You come from the north I watch you approach
My love from yesteryear
I jump from the swing I think that I might
Have to start a fight

How can you deal with
This game we've played for too many years
I'm having trouble
Learning all the rules

It's difficult for me
A challenge I can see

I try so hard to act all cool
But cool is hard
So here I am
I try so hard to be myself
But I lost myself
So here I am
I always wear my summertime clothes
In the winter
To see if you care
I wear my long johns
To the beach
To see if you care

But you don't

Join me on the playground we'll ornament the structure
With the seaweed that was left ashore
We'll decorate by moonlight once all the kids have left
And have it just to ourselves

Sitting in our kelp castle
Watching our sand city
From our kelp castle
On the beach


from We Make Two (EP), released August 5, 2010
Gaku Kelliher(guitar, vocals)
Laura Kincaid(vocals, ukelele)
Natan Tietz(guitar)
Nik Sletteland(cello)



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Suckers for Symmetry San Diego, California

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